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Dodo’s iPad Mini Folio is a beautiful case that expertly melds the modern conveniences of an iPad with the graceful and elegant simplicity of a notepad. This Folio style case has an appealing touch of old world craftsmanship. The materials are high quality and bound together with crisp stitching as found in bookbinding.

Paper Pad meets iPad

The Mini Folio case unfolds like a notepad portfolio, except where the calculator used to be on your left, the iPad mini now sits suspended in the classic Dodo style bamboo frame that plays the part of the paper in the book illusion. On the right is a slim reporter style flip top unlined notepad of 24 pages that is refillable. The pages ooze tactile luxury, being made from Mohawk Superfine paper.

Just under the notepad, are two leather pockets for business cards, as well as a pocket as large as the panel itself, that expands half an inch to fit any number of items, like receipts or photos. The notepad slides and secures in behind this pocket with its back cover. This brings us to the doable but somewhat awkward option of adjusting the Folio for lefties. Our Southpaw friends out there could flip the case around and have the pad on their left by sliding the notepad in at the other end. The awkward part of this, of course, is that the iPad Mini is quite literally upside down, but it is a workable scenario.

The two parts are stitched together with a thick piece rugged leather that contains a pocket for a stylus or a pen. A camera hole peaks out the front cover, making the fact that an iPad is in there, a tad more conspicuous. A sturdy elastic band pulls around and holds the case closed shut.

Possible uses include taking paper notes while studying a text book from an iPad Mini, or sketching from a picture on the iPad Mini, taking notes during a conference call. All kinds of business multitasking ideas are there for those who don’t like switching between apps for notes. There is also the added bonus of the iPad being supremely cushioned against bumps and scratches.

There are two color options that vary only very slightly, Gray and Neon. The gray version is the one pictured here. The Neon differs in that the stitching and the elastic wrap around piece are neon. This is definitely an entirely unique case that has a lot to offer. The iPad Mini Folio Case goes for $124.95 and refill pads are available for $9.95 for 24 pages and 12.95 for 50 pages. Check it out here!

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