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Saddleback Leather’s newest addition to their lineup is their new super rugged leather iPad Mini Case. Featuring heavy duty full grain leather, high end stitching, and an almost OCD level of perfection, this case will make your Mini look Manly!

Make Your Mini Look Manly!

Saddleback Leather makes some of the finest bags and cases around. Their leather is so sturdy it’s been known to stop trains in their tracks, reflect bullets, and once was used as target practice by a Massai warrior. Ok, only 1 of those 3 things are actually true… but you get the picture. It’s hard core from the leather to the heavy-gauge industrial marine grade thread they use to the 100 year warranty.

The case measures 21cm long x 14.8cm Wide x 1.3cm Thick. It weighs in at 1 pound, so it’s no lightweight. However it adds a ridiculous amount of protection and shock absorption to the iPad Mini with outward facing seams and super thick cowboy leather that can take a licking and keep on ticking.

The case closes with a strap closure, and is held together with double zero continuous-filament Polyester thread that is both impressive and expensive. But it means this case will last you the life of your iPad Mini and beyond for sure. On the inside you have a hand strap to make holding the Mini easier as well. The case is also lined with Pigskin, which is the most durable leather in the world.

This case comes pristine and stiff. It’s up to you to break it in and give it personality. Over time it will take on an aged patina and soften up quite a bit to make it distinctly yours. What will not change is the quality and craftsmanship. If you want something super manly, extremely sturdy, uber protective, and ultra durable, then look no further than Saddleback’s Leather iPad Mini Case. It is available for $88.00 and comes in 4 colors- Carbon Black, Chestnut, Dark Coffee Brown, and Tobacco Brown.

Check Out Saddleback’s Leather iPad Mini Case Today!

Makes iPads Manly

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