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We finally managed to get our hands on one of Pad and Quill’s Aria cases for iPad Mini, and we were simply blown away. It’s the best case we’ve ever reviewed on the site, and by far our favorite from Pad and Quill to date! 2 tone boot leather, Baltic birch, and quality craftsmanship make this iPad Mini case a masterpiece! Check out our hands on review inside!

The Aria- Pad and Quill’s Crown Jewel

At the risk of repeating ourselves- Pad & Quill’s iPad Mini case, the Aria, is the best case we’ve ever laid eyes on. It looks and feels luxurious with Full Grain American leather. It is simply oozing with gorgeous glowing craftsmanship. Heck, the case even smells amazing! Like leather and lacquer and wood and all that is good. As soon, as you touch it you really feel the quality. The Aria follows the same standard design of Pad & Quill, with a book or journal like appearance.

Pad & Quill has stayed true to their roots as a boutique outfit for these cases. It’s in the details where you can really see the love that went into this case. The beautiful, soft, high end leather cover is meets a binding that house a classy vine embossing in the corners. This design carries the air of an intelligent well loved book. The high quality leather means it will only look better with age as it takes on more and more character. A huge draw with this design is the fact that most upon first or second glance won’t be able to distinguish this from a book. This inconspicuousness is very handy when you want privacy or a theft deterrent.

As with other Pad & Quill cases, the Aria also completes the book illusion with Baltic Birch playing the part of the paper, and a clever bookmark that also acts as a means to lift the iPad Mini out of the case. Once the iPad Mini is snugly placed into the Baltic Birch frame, all ports are easily accessible. The Aria has the nice new feature of being multiple viewing angle that are attained by flipping the back over around and into the latch on the back cover. The available angles are great for horizontal viewing, typing, and more. When you are done, use the pull-around elastic strap to close the smart cover, and you are ready to go.

It is also a fantastic conversation starter. Almost daily someone comments on it with tempered wonder as to what they are looking at and where they can get one. If you are clumsy like me you will also appreciate the sheer amount of protection afforded in these cases. They are sturdy and well insulated against bumps and grazes.

Overall, this is an excellent investment in your iPad Mini’s fashion and protection. The high end materials and craftsmanship put in to this is very fair at $89.99. It comes in 3 colors, Coffee and Onyx Black, Chestnut and Onyx Black, and the reverse, Onyx Black and Chestnut.

Check Out The Aria From Pad & Quill

The best iPad Mini case we’ve layed eyes one!

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