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When Zagg first announced their ZAGGkeys keyboard for the iPad Mini, we were skeptical. However, now that we’ve had some time with it we are fully converted! The ZAGGkeys iPad Mini keyboard rocks, and it’s hands down the best keyboard for the Mini on the market! Check out our hands on review inside!

Great Things Come In Small Packages

Zagg already makes some of the best keyboards on the market for the iPad. Their quality and functionality is second to none, and nobody manages to even come close. The ZAGGkeys Mini keyboard is no exception. We were actually pleasantly surprised when we started using it. We didn’t expect a mini keyboard to be that useful or useable. Boy were we wrong!

The first thing you notice about the ZAGGkeys case is the beautiful build quality of the case itself. It is covered in a leather grain material that is grippy and luxurious feeling. It looks very professional with the smooth matte finish and no garish colors or logos on the outside. In fact there is only one Zagg logo on the back kickstand.

The case opens like a book with no breakable parts or hinges. The keyboard on one side and the iPad on the other. The case is a smart case with magnetic sleep/wake functionality. The iPad Mini slips into a rigid but flexible holder that has cutouts for all the ports, buttons, and the camera. There’s a nice thick lip around the case that holds the Mini so that the keyboard will never touch the screen when closed. The whole case stands up with a flip-out kickstand on the back, and it rests at a very comfortable angle for typing when it’s on the desk. Which brings us to the most important part- the keyboard…

On-The-Go Typing Nirvana

Nobody else makes mobile keyboards quite like Zagg does. Their island style keys and scissor action springs make it a joy to type on with perfect tactile feedback as you pour out your prose. I found that I quickly adjusted to the smaller keyboard, even with my large hands, and typing became a breeze. Really, it’s only 13% smaller than the traditional full size Apple Keyboard thanks to some sort of wizardry on their part.

Due to the smaller size though, some keys had to be sacrificed, and things like apostrophe’s and quotation marks are bundled all onto one key which are accessed with the ‘fn’ function. It takes a little getting used to, but not much at all. There are also a ton of special function keys like copy, paste, search, music controls, screen lock, and more.

Pairing the keyboard with the iPad Mini takes all of 1 minute thanks to the Bluetooth 3.0 tech, and the rechargeable lithium polymer battery will last for months at a time. Our’s hasn’t ran out of batteries yet!

ZAGGkeys- Makes iPad Minis Happy

Overall, the ZAGGkeys iPad Mini keyboard case is a slick package. It turns your iPad Mini into an awesome note taking, story writing, on-the-go blogging machine. Perfect for all sorts of situations where a laptop just isn’t practical. This is getting nominated for our best of the best category, nothing else even comes close. Make your iPad Mini happy and score yourself one of these. They retail for $89.99.

Check Out The ZAGGkeys MINI for yourself

Hands-down the best Mini keyboard available!

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