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Make your own nifty Geo-swag using random, inexpensive kitsch and goodies. Using a customized QR code (linking to your Geocaching Profile, your blog, or a trackable online database!!!), and some basic crafting skills, you can create custom swag to share with your GeocachingMunzee friends. And it doesnt stop with Geocaching or Letterboxing, you could pull something like this off on blog cards, or hand out QR-coded swag at partiesnetworking events. Most smart phones include a QR Code reader, so you can reach a lot of people with a little QR code included on your hidden Geocaching treasures. Thanks for watching! Find LeftOvers4Dinner @: Official Blog: Twitter Etsy: Pinterest: Tumblr: Facebook:

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Sony PRST1 12 Dec 12

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