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Nomad Brush is the original brush stylus for the iPad. They still make the best brush stylus available, hands down. Now they have upped the ante and have introduced the new version- The Nomad FLeX! Check it out!

Frictionless iPad Painting Nirvana

Nomad Brush makes what is probably the coolest and best artist accessory for the iPad and iPhone. Featuring a highly responsive all synthetic brush tip, the new FLeX is better than ever. The brush glides over the glass screen effortlessly and without friction. You can easily get smooth flowing strokes with the flick of a wrist. With the slightest touch, the iPad picks up the brush strokes and you are off. It is soooo much better than trying to fingerpaint your way around, and it makes games like Draw Something a whole new experience!

The FLeX brush features a new synthetic brush tip which is very soft and flexible, staying together better than ever, and providing superior feedback. The precision-milled aluminum shaft feels great in the hand, not too heavy, and well balanced. One the top of the brush you have a removable metal cap that can be unscrewed and replaced with other brush tips if you happen to own some of their other versions. More brush tips will be coming out soon as well.

Nomad FLeX- The Best Brush Stylus On The Market!

We’ve used all the former versions of the Nomad Brush, and we have to say that the FLeX is the best one yet! The brush works amazingly well, and if you’ve ever used a brush to paint in the past you’ll quickly get a feel for using it. Slight pressure is all that is needed to get the strokes to register. The brush is not pressure sensitive, that just isn’t possible with our current generation of capitative screens without expensive bluetooth gadgetry, and it doesn’t work as well if you have a screen protector on the iPad screen, but otherwise it’s 100% perfect. The nice thing about the synthetic brush is that it won’t wear out like the rubber tipped styluses do. It will last for many years, and provide many hours of entertainment.

The Nomad FLeX brush comes in five different colors- Blue, Charcoal, Pink, Silver, and Red and is available for $29. And it comes with it’s own plastic carrying case too! It makes the perfect gift for that special artist in your life, and it is designed to last many years.

Check Out The Nomad FLeX Brush in the following colors:
Blue | Charcoal | Pink | Silver | Red

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