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Sony PRST1
December 12th, 2012

Buy from Amazon US Customer Reviews "I looked at all of the e-readers in this price range (the new Kindles, the Nook Simple and the Kobo). I had the Sony PRS600 before and really like the additional features (ie Notes, Audio). This new Wi-Fi version offers that in a smaller, lighter package and now that the price is down to 99 it was a no brainer.Physically, the Reader Wi-Fi is very lightweight but easy to hold thanks to the matte finish along the back. The screen is much more readable & crisper (with no glare) than my old PRS600. The frame around the screen is a little glossy but this does not bother me as much as some people have commented. (I have the red version.)I especially like the multiple fonts and font size selections that are now included. The older Sonys font choices were either too large or too small. The additional options for handling PDFs also looks like it will make reading those much easier. The "pinch to zoom" feature works well in conjunction with this.I would say that the greatest upgrade is the Wi-Fi feature. The browser works well and I was able to use it to log into my local library very easily to download books without the use of the computer. I was also able to download books directly from such websites as only problem I have had so far is that the USBcharging port for the new Wi <b>…<b>

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Sony PRST1 12 Dec 12

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