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We just got our hands on the Otterbox Defender case for the iPad Mini. This is the ultimate iPad Mini rugged case on the market so far, check inside for our thoughts and hands-on video review!

When it comes to rugged protection, you really can’t go wrong with an Otterbox. It is the case that is used by Marines in Afghanistan, construction workers at Ground Zero, and biologists in the rain forests. The rugged and time tested design gives Otterbox cases a leg up in this market, and there really are very few viable contenders.

Otterbox iPad Mini Defender Review

The Defender is Otterbox’s highest level of device protection. It features 3 layers of protection- a built in screen protector, a super tough silicone exterior shell, and a solid polycarbonate interior skeleton for even more protection. All the ports and buttons are covered with rubber covers to block dust, lint, and dirt from collecting, while still making them easily accessible. The hard interior skeleton has soft pads inside to keep the Mini from directly touching the plastic to protect from scuffs and add even more shock protection.

The Defender series case also comes with an extra screen protector shield which snaps on the front to protect the screen, turns into a dual angle stand for the iPad, and snaps on the back when not in use. But how does it feel?

Incredibly Useful, Incredibly Safe!

In the hand, the Otterbox Defender feels very *very* good. It gives you a little more to hold onto than the iPad Mini on it’s own, and adds a little extra grip right where it’s needed. It also makes the Mini look and feel incredibly protected. When in this case, you don’t worry about tossing the Mini around, setting it down on hard surfaces, or dropping it out of your bag. You have the peace of mind to know it’s entirely safe and sound no matter what happens.

The extra screen shield/stand is actually incredibly useful as well. It protects the screen very well for transport when on the front. But where it really shines is as a stand. The Mini slips sturdily into position, either at a typing angle or a comfortable viewing angle, and it doesn’t move while you type. With a quick snap, the cover turns into a stand, and with a quick flick it’s back to a shield again. We could see using this *a lot* in many situations.

So in short, the Otterbox Defender for iPad Mini rocks. It will keep your tablet totally safe, and is very very useful in many situations. Currently it retails for $69.95 and comes in Back, White, and Pink.

Check Out The Otterbox iPad Mini Defender

Protection for what’s next!

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