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ZAGGkeys has been released and the critics love it! Zagg has become rather famous for making some of the best ZaggKeys iPad keyboards on the market. Check out their newest ZAGGkeys MINI iPad Mini Keyboard case announcement.

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny… ZAGGkeys MINI…

We were huge fans of the ZAGGkeys iPad Keyboard, ZaggMate, and Zaggfolio cases. They were, and still are, some of the best keyboards available for typing with the iPad. They were comfortable to type on, felt satisfying and solid to the touch, lasted forever, and were a great way to pound-out-the-prose while you were on-the-go.

The new ZAGGkeys MINI version is a compact keyboard case designed for the iPad Mini. It essentially turns your iPad Mini into a portable netbook with a teeny tiny keyboard. And that might actually work, if you have small enough fingers that is. The keys are island-style keys that float individually and are very satisfying to the touch. They even managed to squeeze a few function keys as well like volume control, play, pays, screen lock, home, search, slideshow, copy, paste, and even more.

It’s A Keyboard, It’s A Case, It’s A ZAGGkeys MINI!

The ZAGGkeys MINI is also a folio case, which covers and protects the back of your iPad Mini. It also features a built in stand for propping your tablet up at multiple different angles when typing. The keyboard connects to the tablet with bluetooth 3.0, and a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that will keep the keyboard charged for months at a time.

It comes in 2 versions- the MINI 7 which fits the iPad Mini perfectly and features a compact keyboard, and the MINI 9 which adds a bit of plastic to the party and features the full keyboard that is in the ZaggMate.

Overall, it looks pretty cool and the design is very slick. However, we have no idea how easy it will be to actually use and type on and will have to test it out ourselves to see. We’ll be posting a full review very soon. Both versions retail for $89.99 and are currently available!

Check out the ZAGGkeys MINI for yourself

The Best iPad Mini Keyboard On The Market!

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